Eastside Audubon Blog
Preserving Greenspace in King County

King County Proposition 1, which would restore funding for the Conservation Futures program, will be on the ballot Nov 8, 2022.  This program is one of the most important mechanisms for conserving undeveloped land within the county.  The EAS Board of Directors will be discussing whether toRead More

King County Department Of Natural Resources And Parks Blog
Horseneck Farm – King County land conservation brings refugee farmers back to the soil so better lives can be grown

Growing Swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, amaranth, eggplant, and more on a small plot of rich soil at Horseneck Farm along the Green River in Kent means more than a bounty of healthy produce that closely matches the food war refugee Beatrice remembers growing and eating as a young person in herRead More

Federal Way Mirror
Outdoor adventures will return to Camp Kilworth

30-acre site near Dash Point State Park should be restored and reopened by 2024. The purchase price of Camp Kilworth is approximately $1.76 million. Of this funding, $1.68 million was secured from the King County Conservation Futures.Read More